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4 Things All Couples Underestimate When Planning a City Wedding

Wedding planning can be a very busy time for the couple.

There are tons of matter that need their attention. Listen to finicky guests haring their opinions, tackles money matters etc.

That they often forget or underestimate a few important things. What things exactly, read on to find out!

Wedding planning - Party Bus Rental Pittsburgh

1.      Timing:

Before you go setting the date for the wedding planning. Booking party bus rental Pittsburgh, dress shopping etc. If it’s the move-in season or new college students or a big sports event, chances are, you will receive more traffic than usual. Not only that, you will also have a tough time getting hotel reservations, available bus rentals Pittsburgh or an empty table at your favorite restaurant to go to with the guests.

2.      Traffic:

Always revisit the route you plan to take to the wedding one day before. See if there is going to be any parades on the street, a sporting event nearby or construction planned for tomorrow. All such activities will delay your procession, all thanks to a traffic jam. The smartest way to avoid traffic jam is to keep your procession small. How can you do that? Book bus rental in Pittsburgh! Fewer cars mean less traffic.

Wedding planning - Bus Rental in Pittsburgh

3.      Noise

When going venues shopping, always count in the noise factor as it will play an important role. Everyone would wish to leave early from venues that trembles whenever a train passes by or are too close from main highways that the horns of the trucks is the only music in the ears.

4.      Parking

Not everyone will find the perfect parking spot and that one chore will delay the ceremony. Even if the venue manager has promised you sufficient parking, go see it for yourself a few days before the wedding planning. Better –eliminate the hassle by arranging for wedding transportation for the guests in charter bus Pittsburgh so that you don’t have to worry about it at all!

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